Students taking in-person classes in spring 2023 must provide proof of full vaccination. Vaccine requirement ends May 28, 2023.


masked student getting assistance from masked staff person

SRJC is open for in-person and online learning. As we continue to welcome students and employees to campus while following Covid-19 safety protocols, it’s important to be familiar with the current guidelines and regulations.

SRJC Covid-19 Helpline 707-524-1500


SRJC requires proof of full vaccination. Exemptions to the requirement are only those based on law for approved medical and religious reasons.

Is a Covid-19 vaccine required?

Yes, SRJC requires proof of full vaccination to come on campus.

How do I get a free Covid-19 vaccination or test?

Sign up through SRJC’s Student Health Services or call 707-527-4445.

How does the vaccination requirement affect me?

Coming to

SRJC’s campuses and sites are open to students taking in-person classes and those accessing on-site services.

Is SRJC open?

Yes, SRJC is open for both in-person and online.

Can I come to campus?

Yes, if fully vaccinated.

Where do I find more detailed information?

What should I do if I suspect a positive Covid case on campus?

Positive Exposure Incident Report

Where can I find information about positive cases on campus?

Notification of Positive Cases on Campus


SRJC has a wide variety of support services available for students, both in-person and online.

What services does SRJC provide?

For a list of services addressing basic needs, dining and food services, financial help, academic support, comprehensive student support and more, go to SRJC Student Support Guide

What services are available for Online Learners?

Most student services offer resources online. Please click here for a complete list of Online Student Services.

Please click here for remote learning support.

Where can I get a PCR test?

PCR tests are available to students enrolled in classes at SRJC. Click here for Student PCR testing locations, days and times.