Check-In Process for Students, Employees & Visitors


All students will be required to show their CLEARED4 digital AccessPass (proof of their vaccine verification) at a Safety Monitor Station to receive a daily clearance wristband. All students will receive the same color wristband each day, which will be date-stamped. The wristband color will change each day so that they cannot be reused.  Students will not be able to attend class (indoor or outdoor), on-campus appointments, or enter a study space without wearing a wristband.

Students experiencing any technical difficulty will be referred to an on-site AccessPass Tech Support Station. As needed, Safety Monitors will provide students with a mask and remind them to scan QR codes for the building they are entering for required contact tracing purposes.

Students and visitors not wearing a wristband should be referred to a Safety Monitor Station where they can receive assistance.

In the event that a student becomes disruptive and/or is non-compliant with COVID-19 protocols, and does not follow the directives of faculty/staff, contact Robert Ethington, Dean of Students, at or (707) 527-4573; or Michelle Vidaurri, Director, Student Engagement, Petaluma, at or (707) 778-2401. They will activate the B:CARE team to address the situation with the student. If you feel threatened or in danger, immediately contact District Police at (707) 527-1000.



Visitors entering a District building on any site will be required to comply as follows:

  • Visitors who are supporting students inside of classrooms must comply with the full vaccine requirement. In order to receive an invite to register with CLEARED4, please call the SRJC COVID-19 Helpline at 707-524-1500.
  • Other members of the public must check-in at a Safety Monitor Station and provide proof of vaccination, show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours, or take a rapid COVID-19 test on-site.

Visitors who are verified by a Safety Monitor will receive a yellow date-stamped wristband. The check-in process will require visitors to complete a health assessment, report the district buildings they will be entering and provide their contact information for required contact tracing purposes. Please note that visitors for specific events, activities, or services may be required to follow additional protocols.


Employees can use an SRJC access badge (also known as a CCURE card or electronic key card) when accessing college facilities and do not have to check-in at a Safety Monitor Station. Black temporary Tyvek or semi-temporary black silicone wristbands will be provided to employees who have not yet received a permanent access badge.

Temporary identification may be requested by emailing your preference of silicone or Tyvek daily wristband with the number of days per week that you are onsite to If an employee does not have an access badge, please request one by filling out this form, routing to your supervisor or supervising administrator for approval, and emailing with a digital picture (these can just be “selfie” style pictures) to Tim Danford in District Police at



Individual Safety Monitor Stations are staffed according to the class schedule. In the event that a Safety Monitor Station or AccessPass Tech Support Station is closed, there will be a map posted to notify students of the locations of other stations where they can check-in. Attached are maps of the multiple Santa Rosa and Petaluma campus Safety Monitor Stations and AccessPass Tech Support Stations for your reference. The Southwest Center, Shone Farm, and Public Safety Training Center sites have one central Safety Monitor Station each, which will also provide students with technical support as needed. 

Santa Rosa Map

Petaluma Map



Understanding that this is a new process and may take time to adjust to, additional signage will be posted around campus sites.  Safety Monitor Station and AccessPass Tech Support Station location maps will also be posted on the Santa Rosa campus and Petaluma campus, and at each station.



All students, employees, and visitors are expected to follow the District’s COVID-19 prevention practices and policies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in our campus community. If you have feedback or concern about on-campus behavior or activities, please share this via email at  


Safety Monitor Check in Stations