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How to Register

A unique URL will be emailed or texted to you with instructions on how to access the new CLEARED4 System. Each link is unique to YOU. Do not share your link with others!

Health Survey - First Time

You will begin by entering your personal information, which is required by state law.

Once you have entered your information, click Save. You will then be asked to complete a health survey.

The Health Survey questions relate to your overall health, recent travel, and possible Covid risk.  It should take less than 90 seconds to complete the assessment for the first time. 

Daily Instructions

After the initial survey, in the following days when you wish to come to campus, you may be asked a single yes/no question: Do you need to re-take your Health Survey?

For those who are fully vaccinated, please "Enter Your Vaccination Data" and upload a picture of your vaccination card (3rd option with the camera icon).

CLEARED4 Daily Question

    NOTE: Verification of your vaccination may take 2-3 business days. For a quicker turnaround, you can submit an official digital vaccination card, including a QR code, which you can request from Verification of digital records will be faster than photos of paper vaccination cards.

    Please note making or buying a fake COVID-19 vaccination record card is illegal. The unauthorized use of an official government agency's seal (such as HHS or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a crime, and may be punishable under Title 18 United States Code, Section 1017, and other applicable laws. Knowingly furnishing false information to the district is also a violation of the student conduct code, policy 8.2.8. Providing such false information could jeopardize your status as a student at SRJC. 

    Once your vaccination has been uploaded and verified, you can access your vaccination card by clicking the "Vax Card" box next to the SRJC Logo.

    Vax Card


    If you confirm in your initial health survey that you have had at least 10 days of symptom-free status, you will be issued an AccessPass. You can access this via the "Show Access Pass" box in the center of your screen. 

    Show Access Pass


    Once you click on this, you may be asked for a 6-digit access code, which you will receive via text.

    6-digit Verification Code request


    Once you have successfully entered your access code, you will receive a link to your Access Pass. You will need to have an AccessPass before going to campus each day.  If you have not reached your 10-day window for an AccessPass, your status will countdown the number of days until you can return to campus.

    When you receive your AccessPass within the CLEARED4 program, it will either be blue or green. Both are equally valid passes that will allow you to receive a wristband to access campus. A Blue AccessPass is for those who have submitted a verified vaccination and a GreenPass is for those who have tested negative for Covid-19. You are not required to let anyone know which color pass you have. 

    Once you show your AccessPass to a safety monitor, you will receive a date-stamped Tyvek wristband that will allow you access to campus for the day. Student wristbands will all be the same color for the day and will not reflect the color of a student's AccessPass. The color of the wristbands will be changed daily to ensure they cannot be reused.

    Access Pass

    CLEARED4 Settings & Assistance

    You can change to Spanish in your personal settings.

    You can change the time of your notification.

    For additional assistance, please call the SRJC Covid-19 helpline at 707-524-1500. For additional assistance on the CLEARED4 system, please email


    To schedule a Covid test, click "Book On-site Covid Test" on CLEARED4 (first option with the calendar icon). From there you will be able to select a testing location and time.

    For student testing locations and times, see here.

    CLEARED4 Daily Question

    You will need to bring your medical insurance card to your first weekly Covid test. Once we have it recorded, you will not need to bring it to future appointments. If you do not have insurance, you will still be able to receive Covid tests at no charge

    You will not receive an AccessPass until your Covid test has come back negative.


    Exemptions to the requirements will be carefully considered when based on the law for approved medical and religious reasons. Please email completed exemption forms to, or FAX 707-524-1505. Expect four to five days to receive a response on your exemption.

    Use this form for medical exemption requests.
    Use this form for religious exemption requests.