Students taking in-person classes in spring 2023 must provide proof of full vaccination. Vaccine requirement ends May 28, 2023.

FAQs for Reopening

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All SRJC campuses and sites are open 5 days a week to provide in-person services (with the exception of district holidays).

When was the state of emergency lifted?

At the May 10 board meeting, the Board of Trustees voted to lift the proclamation of a state of emergency effective May 29. As a result, only courses with regular (i.e. non-emergency) Distance Education Addenda may be offered online beginning with the summer 2022 term. Should conditions change, the Board of Trustees has the option to declare a new state of emergency.

What will be the hours of operation?

It is expected that departments will offer normal pre-pandemic hours. If there are efficiencies or alternative service, options that would like to be continued during this time, please work with the component administrator.

Will meetings be held remotely or in person?

All shared governance meetings, including meetings of the Board of Trustees, may resume in person in the fall semester. A committee may, by vote, choose to meet remotely, in person, or in a hybrid manner. Additional guidance will be forthcoming.


Department staffing levels and telecommuting

What does it mean for offices to be “open”?

The expectation is that every office will be open to provide access to in-person inquiries and services. This does not mean that all employees need to back in-person every one of these days. We ask that managers work with their departments to create schedules for adequate coverage and we understand that may look different for each department.

What are the expected staffing levels when departments reopen?

Managers must determine appropriate staffing levels needed to provide support to the college community.

How is it to be determined who needs to work onsite?

All classified and management employees will be required to have some portion of their weekly assignment onsite. Supervisors should schedule staff to maintain appropriate service levels. Managers may schedule classified professionals on a rotational or shift basis. Staffing decisions must be fair and consistent within the department (i.e. One staff member shouldn’t be required to cover a disproportionate number of days than any other). Component vice presidents will be available to confer with managers as needed.

Do classified staff have the option to work 100% remotely, if approved by their manager?

No. All classified employees will be expected to have some portion of their weekly assignment onsite unless they have an accommodation that has been approved by Human Resources.

What about classified employees that have moved out of the area?

Employees that have moved out of the area had the ability to work 100% remotely through July 31 and now must return onsite for at least a portion of their weekly assignment.

What happens when the employee has to open the office yet has to be at a meeting, another work location, on vacation, etc?

Offices may be temporarily closed in these circumstances, following the same practices that existed pre-pandemic. Please keep office closures to a minimum.

What happens when a program only has one employee?

The expectation is that every department, site, and program be open to serve the college community.

Will managers have the option to continue remote work in some capacity?

Yes, managers are allowed to continue to have a portion of their weekly assignment remote. Managers should submit the telecommuting form directly to their direct supervisor. This must be approved by the component administrator and ensure that all managerial oversight duties are covered and area needs are met.


Will managers have the option to cover each other to allow for some remote work options

Yes, on days when classified staff will be on-site and their supervisor will not, we ask that the supervisor identify another manager to provide on-site emergency support to classified if needed, even if the primary supervisor is available for remote support.


Vaccine mandate related

Will the vaccine mandate be lifted?

No, at this time, the vaccination requirement remains in place indefinitely for employees, students, and visitors. Free vaccination is still available at SRJC for all employees and students and is strongly encouraged.

When should I submit my vaccine verification to HR?

Employees returning to District sites will comply with the District’s COVID vaccination requirements by submitting an Employee Vaccination Form at least one (1) week prior to the need to access District sites.

When should I submit my vaccine exemption request to HR?

Employees returning to District sites who are seeking either a medical or religious exemption from the District’s COVID vaccination requirements must submit their request at least six (6) weeks prior to their anticipated need to access District sites. Forms can be found here: medical exemption form, and religious exemption form.

Will there be a booster requirement?

At this time, we are not anticipating adding a booster requirement to the vaccine mandate.


Operations and protocol related

Where can I go for the most up-to-date information on COVID and the reopening?

The COVID information webpage is the best place to look for the latest updates.

How can I report a positive COVID person?

Instructions on how to report positive COVID persons can be found here.

Will buildings be open?

Yes, all buildings should be unlocked as usual prior to closure so our college community can access services.

Will the visitor policy change?

Revisions to the visitor policy will be reflected in the SRJC Plan for a Safe Return to Campus and on the District website.

Will the Safety Monitors/wristbands program continue?

The Safety Monitor and vaccine verification program, including wristbands, may remain in departments offering in-person services.

What are the indoor masking requirements?

Indoor masking is optional but strongly encouraged.

Can areas require masking on a case-by-case basis?

Although strongly encouraged, masking is optional and all areas need to align with the district’s protocol. The only exception is for one-on-one meetings in a confined space. In this case, the employee can request, not require, the other party wear a mask. If related to student services and the student will not mask, the employee may provide the student an alternative method of service (i.e. remote support).

How do I order Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for my department?

Orders for PPE including, surgical face masks, N95 masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizing supplies can be placed via Escape Stores using budget code 10-00-40-1294-6628-4390.00. If you experience any issues with ordering PPE or using the budget code, please contact Stephanie Jarrett in Purchasing via email at

Is social distancing still required?

There is currently no requirement for social distancing.

Will there still be sanitation between classes?

No, this will no longer be done.

Are there any space considerations?

No, we are back to pre-pandemic use of our instructional, office, and support spaces on and off campus.

How should shared office space be handled?

Office space can be shared as needed to provide services. There is no social distancing recommendation or requirement.

Is contact tracing still required?

Yes, we are still required by law to contact trace and send notifications until further notice.

What will the employee check-in process look like?

Managers should know which employees are onsite and should develop a schedule to ensure they are aware of who is onsite for contact tracing. Please refer frequently to the information available in Teams to ensure your employees, including student workers, are approved to be onsite.

Are there any Facilities HVAC considerations?

We are still required by OSHA to have the 100% airflow and other HVAC requirements that were put in place earlier in the pandemic. Please note that this does affect the ability to heat and cool building spaces effectively.

Will there be technology considerations?

Yes, there will be a significant impact on IT during the return to campus so please plan ahead. If you have not been to your office in some time, it would be helpful to go onsite and test access to and functionality of your technology prior to the return and create an IT ticket to assist if there are any issues

How do I get an access card to access my building or the mailroom in Bailey Hall?

If your building has been upgraded with electronic locks and you have not picked up your access card yet, please allow time to do so on your first day back.  Completed access cards are available at District Police located at Armory Drive and Elliott Avenue.  District Police have been working with the stakeholders through the project managers to get access cards created.  If you have not received a previous email, you can call District Police at (707)527-1000 and ask if you have a card waiting for you.  If you have an existing access card, any new work areas requiring access should be programmed and updated into the old card.  There is normally no need to get a new one. If you do not have an access card waiting at District Police or you have a card and are unable to access a work area, please contact Tim Danford via email at

What about parking?

Parking permit requirements and charges have resumed for fall. The employee permits always start with the fall semester so this is a natural transition. Detailed information on how to obtain a parking pass for the 22-23 school year can be found here. For the latest parking map, click here. We will provide future map updates online as things change.



Are event requests still required?

Yes, event requests must still be submitted to Cabinet for approval until further notice. We will gradually lift event restrictions in summer with additional information on that to come.