FAQs for Reopening

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Effective the week of May 30 through June 12, the district will open all SRJC campuses and sites to provide in-person services on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week. This timing will allow us to accommodate both Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday class schedules and to support the many students who have found online learning and remote support especially challenging.   

Effective June 13 through July 24: all campuses and sites will be open Monday through Wednesday.

Effective June 27 through July 28: all campuses and sites will be open Monday through Thursday

Effective August 1 and beyond: all campuses and sites will be open Monday through Friday.

  • Has the state of emergency been lifted?

    At the May 10 board meeting, the Board of Trustees voted to lift the proclamation of a state of emergency effective May 29. As a result, only courses with regular (i.e. non-emergency) Distance Education Addenda may be offered online beginning with the summer 2022 term. Should conditions change, the Board of Trustees has the option to declare a new state of emergency.

  • What will be the hours of operation?

    It is expected that all departments will offer normal pre-pandemic hours gradually reopening in summer. If there are efficiencies or alternative service options that would like to be continued starting in June, please work with their component administrator.

  • Will meetings be held remotely or in person?

    Per the SRJC Plan for a Safe Return to Campus, all shared governance meetings, including the Board of Trustees, will remain remote through spring. Starting in the summer, individual meetings may be held in person or via zoom, dependent on the comfort level of participants. Beginning in the fall, it is anticipated that all meetings will resume in person.

Summer 2022 department staffing levels and telecommuting related
  • What is the expectation on May 30?

    The expectation is that every office will be open to provide access to in-person inquiries and services starting on May 30 as we begin to transition staff back on-site, but we understand that may look different for each department during the summer 2022 term.

  • What does “open” mean?

    Open means that any member of the college community may be able to walk in and be served.

  • What are the expected staffing levels when departments reopen in June?

    Managers must determine appropriate staffing levels needed to provide support to the college community.

  • How is it to be determined who needs to work onsite?

    All Classified Professional and Management Team employees will be expected to have some portion of their assignment onsite. For the summer reopening, supervisors should schedule staff to maintain appropriate service levels. Managers may schedule Classified Professionals on a rotational or shift basis. Staffing decisions must be fair and consistent within the department. Component vice presidents will be available to confer with managers as needed.

  • Come May 30, do Classified Professionals have the option to work 100% remote if approved by their manager?

    No. All classified employees, with the exception noted below, will be expected to have some portion of their assignment onsite.

  • What about Classified Professionals that have moved out of the area?

    The District and SEIU have negotiated an agreement that Classified Professionals that have moved more than 150 miles away from their primary worksite and submitted a change of address with Human Resources between 4/1/2020 and 1/31/2022 will have the ability to work 100% remotely through July 31 and then must be available to be onsite for their assignment.

  • May faculty be required to be onsite in spring?

    No, faculty without an onsite instructional assignment may not be required to come onsite per the Spring 2022 side letter between AFA and the District.

  • What happens when a program only has one employee?

    The expectation is that every department, site, and program be open to serve the college community two days a week.

  • How will summer and fall look?

    We recognize that we and our students are different than they were before the pandemic. We need to ensure we meet our students where they currently are, so there may be changes in future terms. We are using the summer to plan for fall.

  • Will managers have the option to cover each other to allow for some remote work options?

    Yes, however, there should be some natural synergy between areas and should be within the same component unit. This must be approved by the component administrator and ensure that all managerial oversight duties are covered and area needs are met.

  • What is happening with the Classified remote work option?

    We are still negotiating a remote work option for Classified. This will not be in place for the spring return so all areas should plan to return per the guidelines in this document. We will continue to provide updates, as allowed by negotiations, on future implementation of the Telecommute article in the SEIU/District contract. This new article will include a weekly maximum for remote work and an application and approval process.

Vaccine mandate related
Operations and protocol related
  • Are event requests still required?

    Yes, event requests must still be submitted to Cabinet for approval until further notice. We will gradually lift event restrictions in summer with additional information on that to come.

  • Can we have food indoors with events?

    Once the mask mandate is lifted, indoor events that have a food component will most likely be approved, dependent on the specific circumstances of the event.

Above all, we recognize this is a transition that will be stressful for most, if not all. We ask that you lead with kindness and patience as we work through this.


With gratitude,

Dr. Frank Chong, President/Superintendent
Dr. Jane Saldana-Talley, VP, Academic Affairs
Pedro Avila, VP, Student Services
Kate Jolley, VP, Finance & Administrative Services
Gene Durand, VP, Human Resources
Dr. Jeremy Smotherman, Senior Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning
Erin Bricker, Director, District & Community Relations