Students taking in-person classes must provide proof of full vaccination. Vaccine requirement ends May 28 and exceptions apply.

SRJC Plan for a Safe Return to Campus

General Measures


The following general measures will be applied at the District:

Following Sonoma County Protocols Requirements:

  • Signage must be posted at each public entrance of the District to inform anyone entering that they must:
    • Perform the symptom check prior to entering the facility (including the symptoms that are to be assessed for);
    • Not enter the facility if they have any symptoms;
    • wear a facial covering over their mouth and nose while indoors;
    • sneeze and cough into a cloth or tissue, or, if not available, into one’s elbow; and
    • not shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact.
  • Anyone coming to a District site must self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering a District-owned, leased, or maintained facility. Anyone with symptoms or a temperature of 100.4 degrees or more is not allowed in the facility.
  • All employees must wear facial coverings indoors in accordance with the District's Facial Coverings guidelines until May 28, 2022. After that time, masks will be strongly encouraged regardless of vaccination status. 
  • Breakrooms, bathrooms, and other common areas are being disinfected frequently. The District will procure unscented products as possible.
  • All planning for onsite services or learning must include how all safety protocols will be met, including any facilities or PPE needs.
  • Prior to returning, any department requesting employee or student access to district sites must complete the checklist for how they will comply and assure compliance with the established protocols to cabinet for approval. All areas should also have a plan for how instruction or services will continue in case of closure due to outbreaks. Templates are located in Appendix A and B.
  • Students accessing in-person services (such as library services and general counseling) may be required to present proof of vaccination or have recently tested negative for COVID-19 at safety monitor check-in stations located in individual departments before entry. 
  • Employees may show an SRJC access badge when accessing College facilities to not have to check in at a Safety Monitor Station. Temporary wristbands will be provided to employees who have not yet received a permanent access badge.
  • For visitor requirements, see Visitors Protocols here.
  • Anyone coming onto a district site must follow all requirements in this plan.
  • All independent contractors, temporary or contract workers, and volunteers must be informed of the District onsite protocols before coming onsite and have necessary supplies and PPE. Any contractors must supply their own COVID safety plan prior to accessing a district site.
  • If there is a positive or suspected COVID 19 case after onsite access, please follow the Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Case protocols.



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