Students taking in-person classes in spring 2023 must provide proof of full vaccination. Vaccine requirement ends May 28, 2023.


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SRJC requires proof of full vaccination from all students, employees, and volunteers who are coming to campus for any reason. Students accessing in-person services (such as Counseling or the libraries) may be required to check-in at a safety monitor station through CLEARED4.

SRJC students interested in scheduling a Covid-19 vaccine or booster can do so through SRJC’s Student Health Services by calling 707-527-4445.

The Spring 2023 timeline for submitting proof of vaccination or a request for an exemption is listed below. 

Student vaccination status will be verified through CLEARED4. Students enrolled in classes with an in-person component will receive an invitation via text and email to create a profile with CLEARED4. Do not share your link with anyone. If you are not taking classes on-site, you will not receive this email. 

If you would like to proactively create your CLEARED4 account before registering for Spring classes, you may do so by following the steps found on this webpage

For additional assistance, please call the SRJC Covid helpline at 707-524-1500. For additional assistance on the CLEARED4 system, please email


Information for students who want to enroll in in-person classes after January 13.

Students who wish to add a class after the semester begins must be cleared in advance of registering. Students must request access to Cleared4 from within their student portal. The portal can be accessed from the homepage. Once they log in, they’ll find a link under the “Admissions and Registration” menu to request access to Cleared4. The link will allow the student into the SRJC CLEARED4 system so they can upload their vaccination proof. Once activated, all future prompts will be sent from the CLEARED4 system to the student through text messages or email. If you are requesting an exemption, please activate your CLEARED4 account and then follow the steps on this page to make your request. 


Spring 2023 – Vaccination & Exemption Requirements

All students must be cleared (meet vaccine/exemption requirements) to remain enrolled in their in-person classes. During the registration period (November- December) a student is given three weeks to become cleared in order to remain enrolled in in-person classes (fewer days if enrolling less than three weeks before January 14th).

To meet the definition of "cleared", you must submit your proof of full vaccination status four (4) business days in advance, or submit your complete Request for Exemption two (2) business days in advance. Incomplete Requests for Exemptions will result in delayed approval. To meet full vaccination status, 14 days must pass after your final dose. Boosters are not required. 

Students enrolling in late start classes after January 14th must be cleared in advance of doing so. 


Spring 2023 Registration and Vaccination/Exemption Requirement Process

Friday, January 13

Last day for students who are not cleared to register for in-person classes.

Saturday, January 14

Students who are not cleared will no longer be able to enroll in in-person spring classes.

Wednesday, January 18

First day of spring classes

Late start classes

Students must be cleared to enroll in late-start in-person classes.



Exemptions to the requirements for enrollment in Spring 23 in-person classes will be carefully considered when based on the law for approved medical and religious reasons. Please email completed exemption forms to, or FAX 707-524-1505. For deadlines on filing an exemption, please see the timeline tables below. Also, make sure you are registered for the Cleared4 platform.

Use this form for medical exemption requests.
Use this form for religious exemption requests.



Indoor masking is still strongly recommended.